Gifted by Nature,

crafted by man.

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From beauty comes perfection

Mānuka Honey. There it is. Our story. Beginning. Middle. And end. For at the Manuka Emporium, we are on a simple mission to share with you not just New Zealand’s but perhaps the world’s most luxurious single origin Mānuka Honey.

Seasonally sourced from the finest batches of honey, our Manuka Emporium Honey is a gift from nature. And the gods. Each vintage is a delicacy born of this beautiful land we call home. It is a luxury to be savoured on its own or in the company of the finest gourmet foods and wine. It’s refined taste truly bears the provenance, character and terroir of Aotearoa.

Hand-selected and bearing the signature of our master beekeepers, each jar is a celebration of unadulterated beauty and of a honey that has been created in a slower, time-honoured way. With no compromise on quality, it’s Mānuka Honey as Mother Nature intended.



Emporium Noun - an old word meaning a large shop that sells many different types of goods or a shop that sells a particular type of goods, for example a chocolate emporium or antiques emporium; a marketplace.


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