certified mgo rating

The health and wellness benefits of Mānuka Honey are directly related to the concentration of dietary methylglyoxal (MGO). MGO is a naturally occurring organic compound found in Mānuka Honey. This is the active ingredient that makes Mānuka unique and a key indicator for its antibacterial properties. MGO is reported in mg/kg, a rating of MGO 100+ simply means that this jar of Mānuka Honey contains at least 100mg of methylglyoxal for every 1 kilogram of honey.

Manuka Emporium products are independently tested by New Zealand government accredited laboratories, ensuring certification and authenticity in every jar you purchase.

UMF® is one of the most common grading systems and stands for “Unique Mānuka Factor”. UMF®is a trademark managed by the Unique Mānuka Factor Honey Association. The grading system measures the presence of unique signature compounds such as Leptosperin, DHA and Methlyglyoxal and grades the honey by drawing comparison to the activity of a disinfectant, phenol, which has known antibacterial properties. For example, a UMF®10+ means it had an equivalent antibacterial activity to a 10% concentrated phenol solution.

Another common rating measure is NPA (Non Peroxide Activity). NPA or UMF® is recorded as an equal and equivalent strength in number. A UMF®or NPA rating of 10+ is achieved when the Mānuka contains at least 263mg of MGO per 1 kilogram of honey.

MGO, UMF®and NPA rating systems are all trustworthy and offer reliable grading.

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